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Pulled Pork Bao Buns

These pulled pork bao buns are just what you need in a Friday night, they do take some time but mostly is time you can use for other things, since it needs near zero vigilance (if you have a Slow Cooker, you can finish post-grad school while this cooks!). We are offering you two variations, the traditional one and one with Asiatic flavours, they are both delicious!

Pulled pork is also great with sandwiches or in lettuce wrap for s lighter take. Try it and let us know your thoughts! Check the recipe next:


1 Lb. Pork Loin

1/4 cup Mustard

1/4 cup Brown Sugar

1/4 cup Soy Sauce

2 Garlic Cloves, chopped

Salt and Pepper

1/4 cup Mustard

1 Guiness Beer

Oriental touch:

1/4 cup Hoisin Sauce

1 tbsp. Cinnamon Powder

2 Star Anise flowers

1 tsp. Sweet Anise Seeds

1 tbsp. Ginger Root, grated


1. Rub pork loin with mustard, brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic cloves, salt and pepper.

2. Heat a non-stick skillet to medium-high, add a bit of oil and sear pork on all sides until golden brown.

3. Transfer to a deep pot and add Mustard and Guiness Beer, cook at low for 2-3 hours (of you are craving Chinese flavours, this is the time to add the Hoisin, cinnamon powder, Anise and ginger).

4. Shred using two forks and mix with cooking juices.

5. Serve with Bao Buns (we used frozen), and add your favourite toppings (goes great with green onions, sesame seeds, Hoisin Sauce, BBQ sauce, radish).

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